The Art of Intuitive Eating
Our lives,
so seemingly small,
ripple out
to the whole universe
as tiny whispers
like the sounds
of butterfly wings,
and the clear voice
of the living truth.
Nutricious Treats - Carob Sesame Coconut cookies
Finding cookies that were yummy, healthy, and raw took awhile. For years, we made carob nut balls until one day the muse dropped by the kitchen and this recipe was born. We went crazy for the cookies and people just love them! The fact that they aren't cooked doesn't seem to make any difference - they have a delicious, light, moist, and slightly chewy texture. Since wheat, eggs, and sugar are not used, these cookies are a good choice to make for people who have allergies.
Carob-Sesame-Coconut Cookies are easy to prepare with the right equipment—a food processor, along with a blender or an electric coffee mill to grind up the sesame seeds and coconut to a powdery consistency that resembles flour. Finely grinding the sesame seed makes the nutrients more absorbable (See sidebar). We have made a chunkier version by putting all the ingredients in the food processor without pre-grinding, and they are delicious and unique.
Sometimes we put the cookies into our dehydrator with the temperature set to 100 degrees for about 20 minutes to warm them. Then they are almost like just-out-of-the-oven cookies, and we get the pleasure of having the aroma of "baking" cookies permeating the house. When we really want a comfort treat, we warm the cookies. You can make these cookies plain or with various toppings and frostings.
Cookies with Coconut Creme
Carob-Sesame-Coconut Cookies with Walnuts
Ingredients (makes 18 cookies):
1/2 cup sesame seeds
1 cup flaked coconut
3 tablespoons raw carob powder
3 Medjool dates
3 tablespoons agave nectar
1 tablespoon water
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
1/4 teaspoon Himalayan or Celtic sea salt
walnut halves (or cashews, pecans, or almonds)
Preparation time: About 10 minutes for the cookies
Grind sesame seeds in a blender or electric coffee mill until powdery, about 5 seconds. Transfer seed meal to food processor. Grind coconut until as finely ground as possible, about 10 seconds. Transfer to food processor.

Remove pits from dates. Add to food processor. Add carob and salt. Mix all ingredients for about 10 seconds, then add agave and water while machine is running. Mix until dough begins to clump, about 10 seconds.

Remove cookie dough from processor, and place in bowl. Take about 1 tablespoon at a time to form each cookie. Squeeze and roll dough between palms until a round ball has formed. (Your hands become oily from the coconut oil). Place cookie balls onto a plate.

The cookie balls can be flattened by pressing with a fork. These will look like traditional baked cookies.
Top with frosting or press a walnut half (or cashew, pecan, or almond) on top of each cookie. If you don't want to put on frosting, or walnuts, they are delicious plain.

Coconut Cream Frosting
Carob Sesame Coconut cookies with Walnuts
2 tablespoons Coconut Cream (from Tropical Traditions)
2 tablespoons unpasteurized, creamed honey.
    or 1-2 tablespoons agave nectar
1/2 teaspoon vanilla extract
Mix coconut cream and honey or agave nectar with a spoon until totally creamy. Consistency should be similar to cake frosting - thick enough to stay in place. Put a small spoonful of frosting on top of each cookie and spread by making tiny circular movements.

Variations: Raspberry Topping
Here's how to make this saucy frosting! You could also put a whole raspberry on top.
1/4 cup raspberries (fresh or frozen)
1 tablespoon agave nectar
Put raspberries in blender with agave (or honey), and blend until satiny smooth.
Seeds can be removed by pressing sauce through a strainer.
Place small dollop of berry sauce on top of each cookie.

Carob Cookies with Raspberry Topping

More Cookie Variations!

Adaptations abound with this recipe! We have made the cookies with almonds (sprouted or dry), cashews, or macadamia nuts. We have deleted the carob powder for a more vanilla-like flavor, or used a little cocoa powder for a more chocolaty flavor. We've added any of the following to the mix: almond butter, raisins, shredded coconut, carob drops, or sliced bananas pressed lightly into the top of the cookies.

The cookies seem to come out delicious however they are prepared! It's a recipe that you can play around with and be as creative as you like. There's a version that I've been wanting to try for awhile (but keep forgetting!), and this is to use dried apricots (first soaked to soften), placed in the middle of two layers of the cookie dough and then flattened. It would be an Apricot Surprise Cookie!

The Healing Feast is about:
healthful practices,
following our intuition,
& eating life-giving foods.

It's about:
transformation, joy,
inspiration, peace, gratitude,
and soulful beauty.

It's about:
living a life filled
with abundance and love,
& giving what is the best
within ourselves to the world.
About Sesame Seeds:
The seeds are rich in manganese, copper, and calcium (90 mg per tablespoon for unhulled seeds, 10 mg for hulled), and contain Vitamin B1, (thiamine) and Vitamin E (tocopherol). They contain powerful antioxidants called lignans, which are also anti-carcinogenic. They also contain phytersterols, which block cholesterol production. The nutrients of sesame seeds are better absorbed if they are ground or pulverised before consumption.

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